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"I loved the idea of my friends going home with something that they could use and also really like. I didn't want something that had been done before, so when the idea of doing my own personal bracelet bar was suggested, I got pretty excited. I described exactly what styles I wanted and it was executed perfectly. It was especially cool going to school the next day and seeing all my friends wearing the bracelets from my Bat Mitzvah!" 

 sydnie, 13

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"I love an activity that engages everyone - kids to grandparents. My Bracelet Bar creates such a fun draw, everyone gets to get in there and live a bit of an accessorizing dream. Picking out their bracelet, trying it on, taking it home. It’s such a special, trend-forward activity that doubles as a sparkling party favor. 

I'm excited to recommend Courtney and her team to my clients!"


— Ingrid Gewirtz, Special Event Planner



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